Cognitive Patterns: Problem-Solving Frameworks for Object Technology PDF



As systems become more complex, the human limitations to comprehending system requirements become more evident. Since we cannot develop appropriate solutions if we do not understand the problem, human understanding is the key ingredient.

Cognitive Patternsaddresses this central issue by providing techniques for system specification that are based on our human facility of thinking and reasoning. As such, it does not model system requirements in terms of programming languages and platforms. Instead, it models the way reality is understood by people. Furthermore, this "cognitive" approach permits us to analyze any area of human reality—not just that of data processing. Using the techniques described in this book, we are no longer restricted to data processing applications. We can develop object-oriented systems that involve the interaction of machines, people and computers.

Cognitive Patterns not only shows us how to develop cognitive-based systems, it provides a comprehensive series of best-practice models and case studies. The book supplies patterns for problem solving, teaches by example, and is based on the firsthand experience of its talented team of authors.

This is an important book for every system developer. It defines how the next generation of systems will be developed.


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