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Treasure Island is an adventure fiction by Robert Louis Stevenson. An infamous pirate’s captain has buried a huge treasure in an Island and dies after that. A group of pirates hunting for the treasure searches the Flint’s crew members. In an attempt to find one such person Billy Bones, who has died in an Inn run by the grandfather of Jim who is central character of this adventure fiction. Jim and his team escapes from ransack on his inn by pirates and take the document which he has found from Billy.

The story is narrated in an adventure style with every person involved in the treasure hunting team to be untrustworthy and trying to get the treasure by them alone. The story ends up stating the voyage returns home without getting anything from the treasure land as it was already taken away long back by one the Flint’s crew member Ben. In an empathic end, Jim suffers from nightmares about the sea and gold coins

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