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  • Peter and Wendy

by James Mathew Barrie

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Peter and Wendy is a fantasy novel by James Mathew Barrie. It is believed that this story was conceived by the author in his mother’s ever loving memory of his elder brother who died at the age of 13. Hence in his mother’s mind the boy never grown up. A boy who enjoys his childhood and unwilling to transform himself to adulthood is the theme behind this fiction story. Peter Pan, the lead character loves to listen to bedtime stories and lives in a Neverland, a fictitious island along with other boys.

One day he invites her sister Wendy to his Neverland and asks her to be mother of the boys. They build a house for Wendy which is attacked by pirates. In an earlier incident Peter has won the heart of Indians, who help him later combating against the pirates. This novel is later transformed to a Oedipus like complex developed by Wendy who loves Peter, however Peter always wish, Wendy to be his mother only.

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