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  • Les Miserables

by Victor Hugo

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The story of a prisoner who served 19 years jail term for stealing bread and repeated escape attempts. This novel revolves around the central character Jean Valjean who is now released and unable to find a shelter because of his past life style. 

Unable to survive, he ends up finding his shelter from the mayor of town Myriel. Myriel saves him from another police arrest for stealing his silverware. This incident brings changes in his lifestyle and he gives commitment to the mayor that he will lead honest life.  He changes his identity and invents a manufacturing method which helps economic growth of the town, in which he become mayor of it under his hidden identity named as Madeleine.

Tholomyès, a student pretend to love Fantine, a young woman and makes her pregnant and abandons her. Fantine ends up leading her life as a prostitute to feed her illegitimate daughter Cossette who is living in an Inn. Years after the care takers of the Inn treat Cossette very badly and Madeleine saves her from them.

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