• Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte

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Charlotte-Bronte's  Jane Eyre the story of a poor orphan girl, whose growth from the childhood to adult, the good and evil persons encountered by throughout her life is narrated in a fascinating way. Under the shelters of her cruel aunt, Jane Eyre is forced to jailed in a red room and faints by seeing a ghost of his uncle. Recovered by Mr.Lloyd she started going to school which is run by a cruel and abusive principal named Brocklehurst. In an event the principal has to move away from the school on the allegations of death of student due to a massive typhus epidemic.

Jane’s better life starts here after the principal is replaced by sympathetic Gentlemen. Jane studies and serves as a teacher of the school for couple of years. After a while, she has been employed in a governess position of a manor. One day she meets his employer Rochester and fall in love with him. On the wedding day she came to know that, Rochester is already married and his wife is suffering from psychological problems. Unable to bear with this, Jane moves away from him and find herself in trouble to earn her bread and butter. Fortunately she met three of her siblings and has been taken care by them.

One of his siblings proposes to marry her, but she is not accepting it. Later she came to know that Rochester wife is killed in a fire set by her and he lost his eyesight and one of his arms in an attempt to save her. These incidents made them to recoup and soon they get married. However after two years of blindness Rochester could regain his eyesight and the couple could be blessed with the birth of their first son.

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