Computer Vision Metrics: survey, taxonomy, and analysis Download PDF


This work focuses on a slice through the field - Computer Vision Metrics – from the view of feature description metrics, or how to describe, compute and design the macro-features and micro-features that make up larger objects in images. The focus is on the pixel-side of the vision pipeline, rather than the back-end training, classification, machine learning and matching stages. This book is suitable for reference, higher-level courses, and self-directed study in computer vision. The book is aimed at someone already familiar with computer vision and image processing; however, even those new to the field will find good introductions to the key concepts at a high level, via the ample illustrations and summary tables.

I view computer vision as a mathematical artform and its researchers and practitioners as artists. So, this book is more like a tour through an art gallery rather than a technical or scientific treatise. Observations are provided, interesting questions are raised, a vision taxonomy is suggested to draw a conceptual map of the field, and references are provided to dig deeper. This book is like an attempt to draw a map of the world centered around feature metrics, inaccurate and fuzzy as the map may be, with the hope that others will be inspired to expand the level of detail in their own way, better than what I, or even a few people, can accomplish alone. If I could have found a similar book covering this particular slice of subject matter, I would not have taken on the project to write this book.


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