Mexico and Sustainable Development

We are a group of ten students in the Turismo Sustentable y Gestión Hotelera career of the Departamento de Turismo Sustentable, Gestión Hotelero y Gastronomía (Sustainable Tourism, Hotel Management and Gastronomy program) at the Universidad del Caribe, a nationally respected public university located in the City of Cancun, in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. This book on sustainable development is written as a class project for our Spring 2008 “Sustainable Tourism Topics II in English” course at our university.
The primary purpose of this book is to raise national awareness in Mexico about sustainable development. In an effort to make positive contributions on ways Mexico can develop sustainably, the ideas we present herein are solution-centered. The audiences for our book are Mexican politicians at all levels of government, our fellow Mexican citizens, and any one person interested in learning about sustainable development and Mexico.
Particularly explained in this book are:
  • What sustainable development is as a three-dimensioned concept, approach and practice.
  • How scientific evidence shows that human development activities are (un)sustainable and harming Earth’s natural environment. Why sustainable development is important to Mexico.
  • Specific advances Mexico has made toward sustainable development.
  • Identification of some important sustainable development actions that Mexico and Mexicans can pursue in order to strengthen our society and natural environment for our citizens.
  • That Mexico can become a global leader in sustainable development. We aim in this book to make the concept, approach and practice of sustainable development something that is simple and easy to understand for both Mexicans and our country’s political leaders.

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