The MagPi #80 FREE PDF

Plus! All this inside The MagPi 80
  • Amazing ham radio projects
  • Use ham radio with Raspberry Pi
  • Hack a Lego Boost
  • Use a Raspberry Pi device to control your Lego projects
  • Set up a Samba file server
  • Quickly build a Raspberry Pi network file-storage device
  • Build a karaoke machine
  • Sing your heart out with this great Raspberry Pi project
  • Make comic books from TV recordings
  • Automatically turn video recordings into mock hand-drawn comic books
  • The top 10 HATs
  • The best Hardware Attached on Top accessories for Raspberry Pi
  • Learn the command line
  • A great selection of resources for anybody looking to boost their command-line skills
  • Underwater drone
  • How one reader has built a remote-control underwater robot
  • The Clapper
  • Recreate this classic clap on/off light switch with a Raspberry Pi
  • Win! Keybow keyboards
  • Your chance to win one of five mechanical keyboards

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